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Best way to install apps and games on Android TV, Google TV and Amazon Fire TV Devices

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Last Updated:17th January, 2024
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Install all your favorite Movies, TV shows, Cartoons, Sports, News, Games and other applications easily with TV Codes. Access TV stores with simple codes. No need to use web browser to download your favorite application. Typing long hard to remember URLs using TV remote is not a easy task. Use this simple easy remember short codes access hundreds of TV stores full of Movies, TV shows and other applications.

Support all most all Android TVs including Chromecast, Nvidia Shield TV, Mi Boxes, Fire TVs, Fire TV sticks, Fire TV cube, Shield TV pro, SkyStream, X95 series, TCL, Samsung, Toshiba and more.

Popular Applinked Codes

  • 4554 – has more than 140 apps
  • 5555 – has more than 29 apps
  • 727272 – has more than 70 apps
  • 8888 – has more than 28 apps
  • 3333 – has more than 13 apps

App Features

Below shows only the main features of this TV app store. You can install this app from above download link and enjoy all the features for free.


All the apps and games are completely free. Free download and start to install all your TV favorites.


Fast download apps and games. No waiting or countdown. No need to type long download URLs.


Share your collection of awesome TV apps with friends, fans easily by sharing TV code.

Android TV App Store

There are two kinds of Android TV boxes. TV boxes that comes with TV OS and without. Many Android TV boxes comes with stock Android OS, not TV OS. So Play Store of those TV boxes contain all most all Android phone applications. For example SkyStream, H96 Max and H96 comes with Android OS with modified launcher.

Original Android TV boxes like Nvidia Shield TV, Shield TV pro, Mi BOX S, Mi TV Stick comes with Android TV OS. You may find may restrictions on these boxes like unable to change wallpaper, less customization, difficulty in installing web browsers, apps unsupported. These TV Boxes perform well for streaming than others.

Fire TV App Store

There are many Fire TV devices like Fire TV stick, Fire TV stick Lite, Fire TV Stick 4K, Fire TV stick 4k MAX, Fire TV cube, P1 series, F20 series and more. Amazon app store is the default app store for all those devices.

Amazon App store does not have apps and games like many other TV app stores. Unlike mobile phones, using a TV web browser to search and install apps are not easy. That’s why we use Applinked to install any app we want for free.

Applinked for Fire TV comes with default built in app store to search and install movies and TV shows you want on your TV. You can also use popular Applinked codes to access user created stores. You will be able to find newest and trending free movies and TV shows apps on those stores for your Fire TV.

Google TV App Store

Google TV is also Android TV. Google TV has different launcher. User interface or how users interact with the TV is different in Google TV due to its unique launcher. Chromecast is one example of Google TV Box. You can use this device to get pure Google TV experience. Fast streaming, faster response and more advantages at cheaper prices.

How to Install Applinked App

Installation of TV store different from store to store and device to device. For your easiness I will example how to install AppLinked on Android TV. In order to install this app you need to use another application that is available on Play store. We use that application to download and install external applications on TV. There are many such applications like Analiti, Downloader and etc. Here I am using Downloader.

  1. First go to play store and search “Downloader”.
  2. You will see downloader application appear on search results. Select it.
  3. Click “Install” to begin installation.
  4. Once installation completed click “Done” instead of “Open”. We need to set permissions to before opening that application.
  5. Go to “Settings” -> “Device Preferences” -> “Security & restrictions”-> Unknown Sources”
  6. From the list of apps appear find “Downloader” application and press enter on TV remote to allow access.
  7. Go to apps and Open Downloader Application.
  8. In order to use browsing and downloading feature, we have to install browser plugin on Downloader.
  9. Go to address bar and enter this address – and press “Go”.
  10. You will automatically redirect to installation once download completed. Install that plugin and press “done” at the end of installation.
  11. Now enter this address to download AppLinked –
  12. Now you can see official Applinked website. Press down button of your TV remote until you see “Download” button. Select it.
  13. You will redirect to installation once download completed. Install this application like other apps. At the end of installation press “Done” instead of “Open”.
  14. Go to “Settings” -> “Device Preferences” -> “Security & restrictions”-> Unknown Sources”
  15. From the list of apps appear find “AppLinked” application and press enter on TV remote to allow access.
  16. Now you can use codes to access TV stores all around the world.

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