B612 Vs YouCam Perfect

B612 Camera Vs YouCam Perfect

In this era where social media is playing a greater role in our day to today lives having a better photographer is a must. Because your presence of images on these platforms can make or break your image. Most of the time we are using our Android smartphones to capture and moments and to share them. Among plenty of camera apps available, B612 and YouCam Perfect camera apps standout. Through this we are going to discuss some key points related with these two amazing camera apps.

YouCam Perfect Camera

YouCam Perfect indeed can be identified as one of the most popular and a powerful camera app you could have in your Android. with it plenty of features you surely can capture your best look in every click. If you want to add a touch of glamour to your selfies then this is the one for you. With its filters, effects, stickers and more importantly the make up options can transform your ordinary photos in to extraordinary ones within few seconds.

Features of YouCam Perfect

  • Take perfect pictures all the time.
  • Edit your selfies like never before.
  • Create visual stories using amazing collages, effects and frames.
  • Remove unnecessary objects and change the photo background easily.
  • Use body tuner and blur tools to make your selfie perfect.
  • Shine your images using animated effects.
  • Use AI and Pet Avatars to make your photos funny and attractive.
  • Add a burst of colors using magic brush and layers.

B612 Camera


B612 is also another renowned camera app among most of the selfie lovers all over the globe. This popularity is mainly due to its extensive collection of filters and other beauty effects making each and every selfie and portraits magical. The app indeed is a very powerful and a wonderful camera app offering plenty of features to make your photography journey a more enjoyable and an exciting one.

Features of B612

  • Add glamour to your selfies with wide array of filters, effects and beauty tools.
  • Edit your images creatively.
  • Use smart beauty options to create your own customs beauty styles.
  • Capture your photos and videos even in the dark with its high-resolution capabilities.
  • Use AR stickers and AR makeups to make your looks more stunning and playful.
  • Create photo collages and videos.
  • Add music to your videos easily.

B612 Camera Vs YouCam Perfect

User Interface

YouCam Perfect and B612 camera standout with its user-friendly interface. YouCam Perfect is a breeze to navigate with an intuitive interface.

B612 has a very clean and a simple interface making it easier to access the filters and effects.

Filters and Effects

YouCam Perfect offers a range of makeup effects and filters. If you want to explore different looks then YouCam Perfect got you covered. The real-time beautification feature is a standout for on-the-go touch-ups.

B612 excels in the filter department. Because it provides an extensive library of different filters for users to choose from. The AR stickers add a fun element. If you want to inject personality to your creations then B612 is the top choice.

Special Features

The standout feature of the YouCam perfect is undoubtedly its real-time beautification capabilities. The ability to instantly enhance your appearance before taking a photo set YouCam Perfect apart.

B612’s AR stickers and dynamic filters are its unique selling points. B612 focus on creating a playful and vibrant selfie experience sets it apart from the competition.

By comparing these features and your preferences make your choice between these two wonderful camera apps B612 and YouCam Perfect.


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