Speed Up Internet with Optimizer

Boost Internet Speed – PC

Have you ever wondered why the internet is slow when using a PC? You will have a good internet speed if you check the internet speed using your mobile phone. But does not have the same internet speeds consistently on PC. It means some programs actively use internet bandwidth without your consent. Let’s remove or disable those programs on your Windows system and save internet data and bandwidth.

What programs are using my internet data

Some of the built-in Windows programs and some of the installed programs that run on background or startup apps that programs might depend on your internet bandwidth.

There are built-in and pre-installed Windows programs that always run in the background and require an internet connection to function. For example, Cortana, Copilot, Windows Telemetry, Windows Updates, Error reporting, etc. You cannot manually disable those programs to prevent network usage. With recent updates, Windows makes it hard to disable Windows updates, Telemetry services, etc.

Most installed programs require to auto-launch on every login. Those auto-launched applications run in the background even without opening the application. Those are called startup apps. You can check startup apps using Task Manager. Disabling unwanted startup apps helps to save Internet bandwidth.

Disable programs that use the Internet on a PC.

Boost Internet Speed Windows

Here we are using the Optimizer app. Optimizer is a free and open-source application that is used to optimize Windows for better performance, faster network speeds, and clean storage. Click here to download Optimizer.

Open the downloaded Optimizer app using administrative privileges. Under the general section disable error reporting and telemetry services. You will find the Telemetry services of Chrome, Firefox, and Chrome. Next, go to the Windows 11 section. There you can disable Windows Telemetry service. Telemetry service is used by Windows to send usage information to Microsoft. Disabling it helps to enhance your privacy, internet speed, and performance.

Now disable unwanted preinstalled programs like chat, My People, Widgets, Cortana, copilot, etc. Do not use live updating Widgets on Windows. That may be the main cause of slow internet speed. Disabling unwanted services helps to boost performance, save battery life on laptops, and more. Let’s disable startup apps. Go to the “Startup Apps” section. There you will see a list of apps set to auto-launch. First, create a backup before removing startup apps. Next, remove apps from the startup list. Managing startup apps has many advantages apart from an increase in internet speed. Faster booting time and a boost in performance are other advantages of correctly managing startup apps.