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The FITE App designed by Flipps Media Inc. that offers premium sports and entertainment content all at one stop. The app allows access to live and on-demand combat sports events such as boxing, MMA, wrestling, kickboxing, and others. This unique app was released to the app market in the year 2016 and has amassed over one million downloads from around the world. The app includes a wide range of features and functions that have been specifically tailored to bring the best streaming experience to its users. The FITE App also goes through updates on a regular basis to enhance app performance and to bring up to date content for its users.

Special Features of FITE App

Among the many special features offered by the FITE application its access to exclusive premium content is one of its most notable functions. The app provides access to unique content, such as pre-shows and post-shows for tournaments, interviews with combatants, and behind-the-scenes footage. Furthermore, the app provides a social experience, allowing users to talk with other fans and share their thoughts on the bouts during live events which is very convenient. FITE also allows users to transmit content to their television via a variety of devices, including Apple TV, Roku, and Chromecast. This allows spectators to watch the fights from the comfort of their own homes on the big screen.

Another noteworthy feature of the FITE App is its pay-per view option. This feature allows fans to purchase specific events and content rather than requiring a subscription. The app also provides fans the opportunity to easily access the events they want without having to commit to a monthly charge. It is important to note that these fee charges and payments are very affordable and very cost effective.

How the app works

The process to have this app on your device is really simple. Simply download the app from the Google Play Store or Amazon App store and create your personal account. If not use any third-party TV app store like Aptoide TV. Install Aptoide TV apk and use search feature to find apps and games you want for free.

From there onwards users can search for new and upcoming events, browse through exclusive content and even book specific entertainment options through their payment options. After the payment is completed, users can enjoy their selected sports and entertainment content at the comfort of their own device or even connect it to a television to enjoy it on a bigger screen. Users can also interact with other fans, get real-time information, and even participate in live polls during live events. The app also has a DVR-style feature that allows users to rewind and re-watch portions of the event that they may have missed.


The FITE App is a great source of premium sports and entertainment provided at the comforts of your own device. With its vast library of content, live events, exclusive footage and social aspect the app stands apart from similar app in the industry. The app is also a well-designed and user-friendly application that can be accessed by anyone.


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