ProCam X Lite Apk

ProCam X Lite Android

The ProCam X – Lite: HD Camera Pro app designed by Imagi Mobile is a top-rated camera app with cutting-edge photographic features for both experienced and novice photographers. This unique application, which has amassed over millions of downloads and a Google Play Store rating of 4.3 stars, has grown in popularity among photo enthusiasts who are looking for a feature-rich camera app with professional-level features.

Features of ProCam X Lite

One of ProCam X – Lite app’s standout features is its vast selection of manual camera controls, which enable users to precisely adjust their shooting settings for the best outcomes. Users have complete control over their photography workflow and may alter parameters like ISO, shutter speed, exposure compensation, focus, white balance, and more to take beautiful pictures in a variety of lighting situations. The software provides users with flexibility in content creation by giving a range of shooting modes, including photo, video, time-lapse, and slow-motion. Users can also take RAW photographs, which are preferred by professional photographers because they give better image quality and more post-processing options.

The powerful editing features in the ProCam X – Lite app are another noteworthy aspect. Without having to open another editing software, the program’s built-in photo editor enables users to add numerous tweaks, filters, and effects to their photographs. Users who wish to edit their images on the go will find this simplified editing process to be convenient because it saves time and effort.

How to use ProCam X App

ProCam X – Lite is made with a user-friendly interface that makes it simple to browse between the different functions and settings. Users may access a variety of manual camera parameters, including ISO, shutter speed, exposure compensation, focus, white balance, and more, as soon as the app is launched. Users can customize these settings to suit their tastes, giving them complete control over their photography settings as they take pictures. Depending on their creative vision and the kind of content they want to capture, users can select from a variety of shooting modes, including photo, video, time-lapse, and slow-motion.

Users of ProCam X – Lite can also enhance their photographs with a variety of edits, filters, and effects using the program’s built-in photo editor. Instead than switching to another editing software, users may modify their images immediately within the program. Users have the option to save their edited photos to their device’s gallery or send them directly to email, messaging apps, or social media sites, making it simple to share their artistic creations with others.


Last but not least, Imagi Mobile’s ProCam X – Lite: HD Camera Pro is a full-featured camera application that provides advanced manual settings, shooting modes, and editing capabilities for photography enthusiasts. It is simple to navigate and take beautiful images or movies due to its user-friendly design and straightforward interface. ProCam X – Lite is a capable camera app worth checking out whether you’re a professional photographer or an amateur trying to improve your photography abilities. There are Android camera apps dedicated for beauty shots instead of capturing professional photos. B612 camera app is one such Android beauty camera app. Try now for free.


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