Songbook for Android TV

SongBook for Android TV

Melodies surely speaks louder than words. We all love to listen to fantastic melodies at any time. Even when we are engaged in other works we love to listen to melodies and songs. In today’s world where technology is playing a crucial role, we have tons of apps for different purposes. So, here if you are also a listener then here is the best companion to keep with you. Take SongBook app with you everywhere you go and listen to your favorite music whenever you want.

What is SongBook?

SongBook is the best place to store your music collection. It is the best music organizer you can have in all your Android devices including mobiles, taps and also in your smart Android TV. With SongBook you can take your music experience to new level by managing your favorite songs and music smoothly for easy access. If you have SongBook with you, it is just like owning a virtual concert. If you want a fun and a smooth musical entertainment this is the best app for you.

Features of SongBook

1.     Organize your content nicely

SongBook allows you to organize your favorite content in a tidy manner. This makes the access to your content very easy and a smooth process at any time you want. You can arrange all your content by categorizing them according to the genre, artist and also you can create your own playlist.

2.     Extensive chord library

One of the outstanding features of the app is its extensive library of chords. Here you can find chords for guitar, ukulele, banjo, piano, and many more other instruments.

3.     Lyrics at your finger tips

This is one of the cool features the users love about the app. We all love to hum our favorite song at many times. But can we remember all the lines? If not no need to worry now. SongBook covered you up. Now the lyrics of your favorite songs are right at your finger tips thanks to this cool app.

4.     Search smartly with SongBook

SongBook do value your precious time. Searching your song or the artist is a breeze here. Your favorite music is just few seconds away.

5.     Offline accessibility

This is also a nice feature the app owns and loved by the users. Download your favorite content and enjoy them anywhere and anytime you want. Whether you are on a remote area or on a flight still you can listen to your favorite content.

You can install this application directly using default app store of Android TV devices which is play store. But most Android TV boxes does not have play store TV app. For those devices can use alternative TV app store like Aptoide TV.

Aptoide TV

Download Aptoide TV

Aptoide TV is the best app store for all TVs based on Android TV and Fire TV.


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